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Swix Base Cleaner Set

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Color: W-Fiberlene

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Swix Base Cleaner Set

Base cleaner kit for cleaning the ski base from oil and drebs and for wax and klister removal.

Includes a 150 ml base cleaner aerosol and 20 meters of Fiberlene cloth. Practically odourless. Spray on the base, remove as much wax as possible with a scraper and wipe with Fiberlene. Wait for the base to dry and re-wax.

Style: I91US

Features for the Base Cleaner Set

  • Features: I91C
  • : 150 ml base cleaner aerosol
  • : 20 m Fiberlene cloth
  • Swix

      Since 1946, Swix has spent decades focused on reducing waste, implementing a strict sustainability platform while moving away from fluoro-based materials

Additional Information

I0091E, W-Fiberlene