Willi's Junior Buyback Program

 Willi's Junior buy Back Program

For children ages 6 to 14

With this program, equipment returned up to one year after the date of purchase will receive an in-store merchandise credit equal to 50% of the purchase price. Equipment returned after one year, but within two years of the date of purchase will receive an in-store merchandise credit equal to 25% of the purchase price. After two years after the date of purchase, it no longer qualifies for the buyback, but families retain the right to keep it. New sizes, binding adjustments and safety testing are all the responsibility of the family after the first season of purchase.


Used equipment being purchased, all skis and snowboards will be sent out with a fresh tune as well as a binding adjust and test free of charge. All new and used jr equipment is eligible for this program. This program is available at ALL Willi’s locations and pre-season sales.If a child outgrows their ski or snowboard boots during the season of purchase, the family can stop into any Willi's location and our staff will take care of them so they can get back out on the hill in properly fitting boots. In addition, Willi's will  take care of any binding adjustment and testing necessary to safely accommodate the new boots –  all at no cost!


In addition, Willi's Junior Buyback Program offers families incredible versatility, since the skis and boots or snowboard and boots are separate items. If a child outgrows only the boots, but not the skis or snowboard, then return only the boots. Families have the options of returning the boots one year after purchase and the skis or snowboard two years after purchase. Likewise, a family with multiple children can choose to hang on to gear that they expect to successfully hand down to younger children. 
Willi's Girls program

Ask any family who has raised their kids on the slopes as part of this program, and they're likely to tell you that the best part of all is that Willi's expert staff is always happy to provide honest advice. Willi's recommends that families bring in their kids with all of their gear before the start of each season and allow the staff to see what equipment still fits and is appropriate for each child and make recommendations on what to keep and what to replace – and the kids will be sure to start the season off with gear that is safe, warm, properly fit and in good condition.Willi's Junior Buyback Program has been wildly successful because of the flexibility it offers. Different families have different needs – Willi's goal is to meet those needs in a way that allows for every kid to have properly fitting gear.