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Thank you for your interest in working at one of Willi’s retail locations. Whether you are looking for a career, a supplemental job, or the chance to work closely with sports that you love, Willi’s can offer a very satisfying employment experience. Willi’s is a family-owned business and treats its staff as extended family. Willi’s is passionate about winter sports and expects its staff to share in that passion and enthusiasm.

Why Work For Willis?
Joining the Willi’s team can mean great discounts on ski and snowboard gear, discounts and benefits at regional winter resorts, the chance to meet and work with others who share your enthusiasm for winter sports, and the opportunity to learn from and network with others in the snow sports industry. Willi’s is proud to have launched many prominent careers both within and outside of the industry. Nearly all of Willi’s buyers, managers, and assistant managers have been promoted from within the company.
Willi’s also offers flexible hours. Schedules can often be built around class schedules (high school and college), other jobs, and parenting schedules. Students, teachers, and homemakers are among those who have found working part-time at Willi’s to be a rewarding experience.
Willi's Seven springs
Willi’s Hires The Best!
It is important that Willi’s hire employees with character traits that mirror its philosophy of extraordinary customer service and integrity. The people hired by Willi’s are honest, polite, and take pride in their achievements; they have the desire to work on a team and learn; they want to work hard and have fun at the same time; they are friendly and care about people. If this is who you are, then you are encouraged to apply for a position with Willi’s!

Willi’s Employment Information
  • The minimum age for all applicants is 16.
  • Full-time and part-time positions are offered.
  • Part-time employees are expected to work a minimum of 15 hours per week.
  • Due to the seasonal nature of the business, many positions are seasonal. September through March is when the greatest number of employees is needed, with November through February being peak months.
  • Early August is the best time to apply for positions that are available in the fall.
  • Willi’s South Hills and North Hills locations are open from late September through early April. Willi’s Seven Springs location is open from mid-October through late March. 
  • Willi’s is an equal opportunity employer.

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