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  • This is an image of Hestra CZome Powder womens mitten

    Hestra Hestra Czome Powder Womens Mitten

    Hestra Czome Powder Womens Mitten earns an extra $6.00 in your Willi's ReWards account. Hestra Czome Powder Womens Mitten Hestra CZome Powder Mitt Features for theCZome Powder womens mitten Style Number: 300740


  • This is an image of Hestra Alll Mountain CZone

    Hestra Hestra Alll Mountain Czone

    Hestra Alll Mountain Czone earns an extra $5.75 in your Willi's ReWards account. Hestra Alll Mountain Czone The All Mountain Czone ski glove is for skiing and snowboarding in all types of conditions. It is a longer glove with Snowlock Cuff that fits over the jacket sleeve to keep the wrist protected. The outer glove is durable Proton polyamide and treated goat leather. The CZone membrane makes it waterproof and breathable. The Bemberg fleece liner creates a warm, comfortable feel against the skin. The Fiberfill Insulation keeps you warm, while still allowing moisture to escape. Features for theAlll Mountain CZone Style Number: 31732 Water proofing: Hestra Proton Polyamide – Windproof, water-resistant, and breathable. CZone gloves are composed of four distinct layers that together, create a warm and comfortable zone for your hands. CZone gloves are breathable and waterproof. Insulation: Fiberfill Insulation An insulating material made from polyester fiber. Polyester / Bemberg Lining Soft and cozy polyester lining. Cuff Style: Impregnated Goat Leather Palm – A specially treated goatskin that withstands tough, outdoor conditions. The leather is thoroughly waterproofed and its structural properties provide effective protection against moisture. Feature Callout: Wolf Paw – A patended fingertip reinforcement design that eliminates seams from surfaces that are exposed to the most wear and tear. Snow Lock – Keeps snow on the outside and warmth on the inside. Pull Strap with Velcro Closure


  • This is an image of Hestra Leather Balm

    Hestra Hestra Leather Balm

    Hestra Leather Balm earns an extra $0.75 in your Willi's ReWards account. Hestra Leather Balm Protect your leather gloves and mittens by applying conditioner to your gloves. Apply liberally to the leather with a soft cloth and rub it in until it becomes deeply moisturized. It keeps the leather moist and repels water to keep it looking beautiful. Hestra Gloves Leather Balm protects your gloves and is a great way to prevent the leather from drying out. It improves the softness and leather's ability to mold to your hand. It makes it easier for you to use your gloves again and again. Apply with a polishing cloth, rubbing in until the leather is saturated Note: Light-colored leathers may darken with use Features for theLeather Balm Style Number: 91700 : Shea butter/soybean oil/sunflower oil/cocoa butter/argan oil/beeswax/lanolin/carnauba wax : 2 fluid ounces


  • This is an image of Hestra Handcuff

    Hestra Hestra Handcuff

    Hestra Handcuff earns an extra $0.45 in your Willi's ReWards account. Hestra Handcuff Hestra HandcuffGood for gloves sizes 8-11 Features for theHandcuff Style Number: 91881 : Wide Elastic Band : Soft Stretch Matterial Feature Callout: Good for gloves sizes 8-11 Feature Callout: Compatiable with any glove brand that has a compatible attachement point


  • This is an image of Hestra Leather Heli 3-Finger mens glove

    Hestra Hestra Leather Heli 3-finger Mens Glove

    Hestra Leather Heli 3-finger Mens Glove earns an extra $8.00 in your Willi's ReWards account. Hestra Leather Heli 3-finger Mens Glove Army Leather Heli Ski was created for guides who needed a reliable and warm ski glove for long days in the snow and cold. Made from sturdy goatskin leather that gives you a good grip and is highly comfortable to wear, and has a waterproof layer on the palm. This 3-finger glove is ideal for people who want to be warm all the time but still can work with their fingers. It has a series of intelligent functions that help when you can't go inside to warm up. The removable liner is easy to remove and exchange if it gets moist or adapts to varying activity levels and temperatures. The extended collar features a patented design that seals warm air when it enters your hands, and a velcro strap on the wrist secures it when you want it to. It helps to avoid dropping your glove if you take it off to answer a phone call, change your skis or go to a store to get something delivered. Carabiners and eyelets on the index finger let you hang your gloves on the side of a harness or your ski pants to prevent them from being filled with snow while working with very thin gloves. Features for theLeather Heli 3-Finger mens glove Style Number: HES0016 Pre-curved finger design for a natural fit Water proofing: Triton fabric is windproof, water-resistant, and breathable Goatskin palms offer super grippy and flexible performance Insulation: Removable liner features Bemberg fleece and synthetic insulation Cuff Style: Cuff cinches, elastic and straps with rip-and-stick closures keep heat in and snow out Feature Callout: Multiple adjustments ensure a secure fit Carabiners at cuffs



Family owned and operated since 1936, Hestra is dedicated to quality, comfort and performance. Specialty handwear has been their focus for four generations. Carefully crafted in Sweden from quality raw materials, Hestra gloves are recognized for their quality around the world.


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