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Earn Willi's ReWards with Every Purchase!
Earn Willi's ReWards with Every Purchase!

Snowboard Boots

 Shopping for Snowboard Boots

A high-quality pair of snowboard boots is one of the most essential products you can acquire when purchasing your snowboard. When it comes to selecting your perfect pair of snowboard boots, there are a lot of factors to think about. Nevertheless, it might not be a good idea to browse our complete inventory and pick one solely based on aesthetics. 

The correct pair of Snowboard boots can either make or break your day. Being in the right snowboard boot will ensure a smooth, comfortable, and secure ride. 

The Correct Snowboard Boot Fit

It's self-evident, but it's worth emphasizing: the appropriate pair of snowboard boots should feel good. The snowboard boots should be snug enough that your toes just barely touch the toecap, but not so tight that you feel discomfort or cramping. You should also have enough leeway. The heel hold requirement means that when your knee is pushed forward, the heel should stay securely in place. While selecting a size, remember to consider your socks! 

Soft or Stiff Snowboard Boot Flex?

While we generally recommend the softer boots for novice snowboarders, the flexibility of your boots is up to you. Boot flex is not uniform, and it differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. It's crucial to understand this. 

Snowboard Boot Lacing Systems

There are several ways to lace your shoes. Traditional lacing needs hand tightening of your boots, speed lacing systems vary by brand but usually include independent forefoot and ankle/leg tightness, while hybrid lacing generally combines features of two or more lacing systems. Boa lacing allows for micro adjustment down to the micro level. 


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