7 Springs Demo Skis

Willi's Demo Skis - 4 Skis - for $50 - Up to 6 Hours

7 Springs Demo Skis

Up to 2 Demo fees can be credited to your purchase of Skis ($50 x 2= $100)  (2-hour limit per ski)

Buying skis today can be overwhelming - filtering your way through all shapes, sizes, and options can stop you before you begin. Willi's demo program is designed to make the whole process of buying a new set of skis a bit easier. Our demo fleet allows you to choose from our vast selection of high-performance skis. Try 4 skis for $50 for up to 6 hours. (2 hour limit per pair.) Then when you decide to purchase, that $50 is applied, as a credit, to the sale. You can apply 2 demo fees toward your purchase of skis. Credit does not apply to other merchandise.

Stockli demo skis

We stock the very best – Armada, Atomic, Volkl, Nordica, Elan, Blizzard. Atomic, K2, Stockli, and Head. Over 30 models available! Scroll to the bottom for the full list!

  • 4 Skis
  • $50 
  • 6 Hours
  • 2 Demo fees can be applied to the purchase of skis. 2 X $50 = $100 
  • Rate your Demos and compare them to other ski and reviewers


How to get the most out of Willi's Demo Program

  • Talk to us about what you have now and what you are looking to get out of your next ski.
  • Have several models in mind that you'd like to try as a starting point. 
  • Don't let yourself get confused by the marketing, graphics, or hype. 
  • Keep your demo number at 3 or 4. With 2-3 runs on each. 
  • Let us help you. Tell us what you liked and disliked about the last pair, and let us guide you to the next demo ski with more attributes you are looking for.    
  • Don't be afraid to go back and try your favorite again.
  • Remember that those conditions tend to change, and your body starts to fatigue...keep that in mind when making your decision.  
  • Ski at various speeds, terrain, and turns.
  • Be patient; while we have racks of choices available, Willi's demo ski program is first come, first serve. The ski you want may be already out, but they will be available soon with a 2-hour limit per pair. 

What you will need to Demo Skis

  1. Demo Fee does not include boots or poles. Please bring your own
  2. You will need a photo ID and Credit Card.

 Willi's Demo skis

Seven Springs Demo List
Brand Model Size Binding
Armada Declivity 88C 176cm Attack 13 DEMO
Armada Declivity 92Ti 180cm Attack 13 DEMO
Armada Reliance 88 152cm Attack 13 DEMO
Atomic Maverick 88Ti 176cm Warden 11
Atomic Maverick 95Ti 180cm Warden 11
Atomic Redster Q9.8 173cm X12 GW
Atomic Redster Q9.8 181cm X14 GW
Blizzard Brahma 82 SP 173cm Marker TPC 10
Blizzard Black Pearl 88 159cm Attack 11 DEMO
Blizzard XCR 167cm TLT 10
Elan Wingman 86Ti 172cm Attack 13 DEMO
Elan Wingman 86CTi 184cm Attack 13 DEMO
Elan Wingman 82Ti 172cm Attack 13 DEMO
Elan Ripstick 88 172cm Attack 13 DEMO
Elan Ripstick 88 179cm Attack 13 DEMO
Elan Ripstick 88W 154cm Attack 13 DEMO
Elan Wildcat 82C 158cm ELW 9.0
Head Absolute Joy 158cm Joy 9
Head E-Titan 177cm Protector 13
Head E-Rally 170cm PRD 12
Head Kore 93 177cm Attack 13 DEMO
Nordica Enforcer 94 172cm Attack 13 DEMO
Nordica Enforcer 88 179cm Attack 13 DEMO
Nordica Santa Ana 88 158cm Attack 13 DEMO
Nordica Wild Belle 84 156cm TP2 11
K2 Mindbender 89TI 176cm Attack 11 DEMO
Stockli Stormrider 95 175cm Attack 11 DEMO
Stockli Stormrider 88 175cm Attack 14 Demo
Stockli Nela 88 152cm Attack 11 DEMO
Stockli Nela 88 160cm Attack 11 DEMO
Stockli Montero AR 175cm Attack 11 DEMO
Stockli Montero AX 178cm Attack 14 Demo
Volkl Kendo 88 177cm Attack 13 DEMO
Volkl Mantra M6 177cm Attack 13 DEMO