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Earn Willi's ReWards with Every Purchase!
Earn Willi's ReWards with Every Purchase!

7 Springs Demo Skis

4 Skis - for $50 - Up to 6 Hours (3 hour limit per ski)

Up to 2 Demo fees can be credited to your purchase of Skis ($50 x 2= $100)

Buying skis today can be overwhelming - filtering your way through all of the shapes, sizes and options can stop you before you begin. Willi’s demo program is designed to make the whole process of buying a new set of skis a bit easier. Our demo fleet allows you to choose from our vast selection of high-performance skis.    Try 4 skis for $50 for up to 6 hours.  (2 hour limit per pair.) Then when you decide to purchase, that $50 is applied, as a credit, to the sale.    You can apply 2 demo fees toward your purchase of skis.   Credit does not apply to other merchandise.

We stock the very best – Armada, Atomic, Rossignol, Volkl, Nordica, Elan, Blizzard. Atomic, K2, Liberty, ,Line, ,Salomon, Stockli and Head  – for all skier types and abilities.

  • 4 Skis

  • $50 

  • 6 Hours

  • 2 Demo fees can be applied to the purchase of skis.  2 X $50 = $100 

  • Rate your Demos and compare them to other ski and reviewers


How to get the most out of Willi’s Demo Program

  • Talk to us about what you have now and what you are looking to get out of your next ski.

  • Have several models in mind that you’d like to try as a starting point. 

  • Don’t let you yourself get confused by the marketing, graphics or hype. 

  • Keep your demo number at 3 or 4. With 2-3 runs on each. 

  • Let us help you.  Tell us what you liked and/or disliked about the last pair and let us guide you to the next demo ski with more of the attributes that you are looking for.    

  • Don’t be afraid to go back and try your favorite again.

  • Remember that those conditions tend to change, and your body starts to fatigue...keep that in mind when making your decision.  

  • Ski at various speeds, terrain and turns.

  • Rate your Demo Skis! Willi's online rating system allows you to rate each demo.  We rate the demos by stability, comfort, weight, edge grip, maneuverability.   Compare your reviews to the overall ratings of each ski.

  • Be patient, while we have racks of choices available, Willi’s demo ski program is first come, first serve.  The ski that you want may be already out, but with a 2 hour limit per pair they will be available soon. 

What you will need to Demo Skis

  1. Demo Fee does not include boots or polls. Please bring your own

  2. You will need a photo ID and Credit Card



Coming Soon

Willi’s Current Demo List                                    Overall Demo Ratings