Stockli skis: hand-made, highest quality, and perfect for you

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Stockli skis

Skiing is a sport that requires precision, balance, and strength. And if you're looking for the highest quality ski possible, you need to look no further than Stöckli skis. They are by hand in small batches in Switzerland, these skis are built to last and deliver the best skiing experience possible. Every ski is meticulously crafted, ensuring you get the most out of your time on the slopes. Stockli tunned flex patterns ski allows for a smooth, controlled ride, whether you're skiing on the slopes or touring



The skis are designed to be forgiving and perfect for all levels of skiers - from beginners to experts. With a lightweigStockli Skierht and high performance, you can ski longer days without feeling weighed down or fatigued. 

We also feel these skis make you a better skier - allowing you to explore more of the mountain than other skiing equipment. Whether that means enjoying comfortable skiing conditions year-round or conquering new slopes with ease, we want nothing more than for you to find your own Stöckli ski journey! 

You can be sure you're skiing on the perfect ski every time. Whether you're a rookie or an experienced skier, Stöckli skis are perfect for you!

 Willi's believes that better skis make you a better skier, and Stockli ski quality is the absolute best. - Stockli helps you to explore more of the mountain comfortably and ski longer days than other skis. Will's offers a wide range of sizes to fit everyone, regardless of size or skiing ability.


 How Stockli ski differs from other brands

There's no doubt that skiing can be a fun and thrilling experience - which is why stockli ski strives to make it as accessible as possible for everyone. They have a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from, so you'll find the perfect pair of skis that perfectly fit your unique style. Stockli also believes in ensuring the highest quality product by hand-making the in small batches - something that sets Them apart from other brands who rely on mass production. Their skis are designed with user-friendliness and comfort at the forefront, making skiing enjoyable for all ages and skill levels. 

Why Stockli cost more than other brands

There's nothing quite like the feel of great pair of skis under your feet. That's Stockli skis are make with utmost care and attention to detail. If you're looking for an investment that will provide lasting benefits, then Stockli ski might be the perfect option for you. These skis are finished with meticulous care and take a considerable amount of time to make - so they are definitely worth the price. Not only do they offer precision, stability, and performance, but their hand-made nature also ensures top quality. You won't regret investing in Stockli ski! Skiing is a passion that we take very seriously at ski. We make each ski by hand, ensuring they are just the right size and shape for you. The skis are made from only the highest quality materials,which guarantees their durability and resilience.

Precision in production


Skiing is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. Getting the perfect ski is key to a great skiing experience. That's why every ski that leaves Stockli’s factory is hand-made in small batches.  Every ski is inspected multiple times. These high-quality skis are precision engineered and tested to ensure perfect fit and performance. 



Stockli Skis perform because of their attention to the details

Stöckli skis are unique pieces made from premium materials, such as wood, bamboo, or carbon fiber, handcrafted chiefly in the heart of Switzerland. The technitions at the manufacturing facility in Malters near Lucerne complete every step of production themselves. That creates the best foundation for  the performance unique feel that Stockli is famous for With 80 years of expert knowledge and the continual implementation of innovative ideas from the successful racing and development departments, Stöckli constructs a wide-reaching collection sure to meet the needs of every skier.



Stöckli World Cup racing skis are made using identical processes as the Stockli Consumer skis. The manufacturing processes for Stöckli World Cup racing skis are identical to those used for retail skis. For this reason, every consumer shopping at retail will find the same Stöckli skis as used by Marco Odermatt, Julia Mancuso, Viktoria Rebensburg and many others. Of course, during the World Cup season, certain adjustments are made (waist, stiffness, aggressive behavior) to meet the needs of quickly changing demands. 


If you're looking for the highest quality skis possible, you need to look no further than the Stöckli skis. Hand-made in Switzerland, these skis are perfect for anyone looking for precision in their skiing. 

If you're looking for the highest quality skis possible, you need to look no further than the Stöckli skis. Hand-made in Switzerland, these skis are perfect for anyone looking for precision in their skiing. With a brief intro and history of the skis, as well as an exclusive range of skis just for snow feelings, the Stöckli skis are a must-have for any ski enthu


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