Atomic Redster Q 9.8

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The Atomic Redster Q 9.8 is the ultimate ski solution for all conditions and terrain.

Confidence, precision, and speed are constant requirements when you ski from the first chair to the last. The new Redster Q 9.8 combine World Cup-winning technology with a wider  85mm waist to take the highest performance to the whole mountain.

 Redster Q9 skiing

All slopes, All resorts, in all conditions



When the conditions are questionable, the Q 9.8 wants to get out and run. Designed to take on everything the slope can throw at it, from the first chair to the last. It excels on firm morning corduroy, slashes through bumps and afternoon chop, and can handle the slush just as well as powder on an ungroomed slope after a snowfall.

REDSTER Q9.8 with  REVOSHOCK Technology

 The Atomic Redster Q9.8 Revoshock S combines the world-class build characteristics from World Cup-proven tech to create the ultimate ski for changing conditions. Revoshock S Technology keeps the ski stable, deflecting chatter and boosting energy out of the turns. Designed for advanced to expert skiers who are interested in something other than limitations. The Redster Q9.8 Revoshock S features an 85mm waist, giving it a mid-fat feel of stability, while a Multi Radius Sidecut allows the ski to track dive into the turn. Every turn is powerful and snappy, whether GS turns down a freshly groomed slope or fast turns through the mogul and chop in the afternoon. Ultrawall sidewalls smooth out the variations and chatter from the run and give the ski fantastic stability. The Power Woodcore is tuned to work with the Revoshock system, which creates a ski of unparalleled stability and handling at any speed, all day, and in any condition.

Redster Q9