Line skis are the OG's of Freestyle.

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Line skis are the OG's of Freestyle. For the past 28 years, we've been creating progressive and innovative skis for the good of skiing. From the team's favorite LINE Blend to the world-famous Tom Wallisch Pro and the intuitive Honey Badger, Line Skis has been consistently pushing forward in creating progressive freestyle skis while pairing with the best athletes in the world. 

The Line BLEND:  Bend and send them; now offering an expanded size run down to 164cm, the LINE Blend continues to be our freestyle team's favorite park ski. With a versatile 100mm waist width and a playful feel, the Blend is ideal for anyone looking to add significant creativity to their bag of tricks. Whether you're skiing the best park in the world or lapping a 100- foot rope tow, you're guaranteed to have a good time on the Blend. 

Line Jump Track

Tom Wallisch Pro: Designed with Tom, the TW Pro remains the best high-performance park ski in Line. The Ski has a 90mm waist width and a surprisingly low swing weight. The TW Pro is perfect for riders looking to throw down like Kim Gubser or channel your inner Wallisch. Get the Ski to bring your skiing to the next level with Line's Tom Wallisch Pro.  

Wallisch Shorty: The Wallish Shorty has the features and durability of a longer Pro ski. The LINE Tom Wallisch Shorty delivers an excellent performance from a smaller design. The Wallish shorty has the same lightweight and solid feel as the TW Pro. The TW Shorty provides the high-end performance needed for the next generation. 

HONEY BADGER TBL: Introducing Taylor Lunquist's first pro model ski, the LINE Honey Badger TBL. Inspired by Taylor's unique style, grit, and determination to change the game forever, the HoneyBadger TBL represents the go-to Ski for freestyle progression in the park and the streets. Available in a full-size run from 144cm to 177cm, the Honey Badger TBL is just like its counterpart down to the Aspen Core and Cap Construction, with a graphic inspired by Taylor. 

Honey badger: Famous for its ferocity, and toughness, the LINE Honey Badger will destroy whatever you put in front of it. Jibs, Jumps, Taps, it doesn't matter, the Line Honey

Badger doesn't give a….well, you get the picture. The Line Honey Badger is perfect for riding in the streets, parks, and mountains.

Ruckus:  Simply put, the LINE Ruckus is a full-on, heavy-duty park ski designed for those smaller in stature who need a shorter ski. The Line Ruckus is built with a tough Aspen Veneer core and Symmetric Flex. The Ruckus is the best Ski for skiers looking to the park for their following progressions.