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Tyrolia Protector Slr 11 Ski Bindings

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Color: Black


Ski Brake Width: 80mm

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Tyrolia Protector Slr 11 Ski Bindings

The PROTECTOR SLR ski binding introduces a revolutionary new technology, the Full Heel Release (FHR), to the women's ski market. This feature significantly reduces release forces in forward and backward twisting falls, providing superior safety for skiers. With its intelligent 180° heel release in horizontal and vertical directions, the load on the knee is dramatically reduced, helping to prevent and mitigate knee injuries. Weighing less and having a lower stand height than the PR models, the Protector SLR is ideal for lighter, female or young skiers. It also features a SuperLiteRail Base, allowing it to be mounted on all flat skis, and is GripWalk compatible for use with alpine and GripWalk ski boots. This binding innovation is suitable for all piste skiers, regardless of age or experience level. In addition to the FHR heel, the Protector binding toe features all of TYROLIA's safety features such as AFS, TRP toe system and Full Diagonal toe.

Style: PROTECTORSLR11GWSET Features for the Protector SLR 11 ski bindings

  • DIN Range: 3-11
  • Sole Compatability: Alpine DIN and ISO 23223 Gripwalk Soles
  • Toe Features: Light-weight 3-Piece
  • Heel Features: Full Heel Release (FHR). they can reduce the risk of injuries for both the knee and the lower leg. Releasing 180° (laterally and vertically).
  • Additional Features: Track system mounting (almost unlimited adjustment).

    Warranty: 2 Years

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Ski Brake Width

80mm, 90mm