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Swix Universal Bio Wax 60g

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Swix Universal Bio Wax 60g

The Swix Universal Glide Wax is a biodegradable hydrocarbon wax that is designed to work on any type of ski or snowboard. It should be ironed in for best results, and then brushed and scraped for smooth mountain riding in any snow conditions. This all-around hot wax can be used on downhill, cross country, and any type of snowboard. Swix U60 provides great base protection and sliding properties for a safe and enjoyable ride. Furthermore, this wax is also safe for the environment, making it an environmentally friendly choice. The recommended wax iron temperature for the Swix Universal Glide Wax is 120C (248F).

Style: U60

Features for the Universal Bio Wax 60g

  • Features: Bio-degradable glide wax is safe for the environment
  • For all snow conditions
  • Swix

      Since 1946, Swix has spent decades focused on reducing waste, implementing a strict sustainability platform while moving away from fluoro-based materials