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Oakley Prizm Rose/persim Replacement Lens

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Frame: Fall Line L

Flight Deck
XM Flight Deck
Flight Path
Tracker M
Fall Line L
Fall Line M
Line Miner M
Line Miner L
Tracker L
Flight Deck L

Lens Color: Clear

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Oakley Prizm Rose/persim Replacement Lens earns an extra $3.75 in your Willi's ReWards account.

Oakley Prizm Rose/persim Replacement Lens

Oakley lens tints are engineered to offer the best combination of light filtering, color balance and visual contrast. Visibility on the mountain can vary wildly, from socked-in blizzards to blindingly bright sunlight, and everything in between. Oakley offers a comprehensive array of performance lenses that match specially engineered base tints with unique IRIDIUM coatings, designed to precisely tune, contrast and balance light transmission.

Features for the Prizm Rose/Persim Replacement Lens

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Flight Deck, XM Flight Deck, Flight Path, Tracker M, Fall Line L, Fall Line M, Line Miner M, Line Miner L, Tracker L, Flight Deck L

Lens Color

Rose, Persimm, Clear