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Elan Playmaker 91 Skis Package

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Color: Warden 11

Warden 11

Ski Size cm: 164

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Elan Playmaker 91 Skis Package

The Elan Playmaker 91 Skis have arrived in time for the 2023-2024 ski season. Perfectly suited for skiers who want to make the mountain their playground by incorporating freestyle into their lines, these skis are a combination of two of Elan's most popular models - the Ripstick and the Ripstick Tour. The Tubelite wood core and two carbon rods provide stability, while the lightweight 360 sidewall construction and trapezoid bevel reduce swing weight and retain strength. The Surf Rocker shape and kicked-up tail of the Playmaker make it lighter than many other skis of its kind, as well as providing excellent float in softer snow, quick pivoting, and an impressive carving turn. The Elan Playmaker 91 has been designed as a freestyle ski with legitimate all-mountain abilities, allowing for takeoff of off-park jumps and face shots in pow, as well as eating up bumps.

The Atomic Warden 11 Ski Bindings are MNC compatible (Multi Norm Compatible). It allows you to use pretty much any type of adult standard sole. It will greatly improve your set-up resell value as it can be used on virtually any boot on the market. The wide toe mounting pattern is ideal for today's wider platform skis and helps greatly with power transmission right into the ski.

Style: ACYKFR23

Features for the Playmaker 91 Skis Package

  • Sidecut/Turn Radius: Dimensions (Tip, Waist, Tail - mm) 122 - 91 - 116
  • Turning Radius (180cm length) 18.1m
  • Weight (180cm length) 1630g
  • Core: Tubelite Carbon Wood Core lightweight Carbon tubes are inserted into a lightweight laminated wood core, running along the length of the ski following the ski profile. The carbon rods provide torsional stability and powerful rebound while allowing for material and weight reduction of the core. The combination is incredible lightweight response ski with stability.
  • Construction: 360 Sidewall Construction. A unique and effective 360°sidewall solution maximizes performance while keeping the weight low with the added with the performance benefit of vibration absorption and increased high-speed stability.
  • Camber Profile: Surf Rocker Bi-Directional Flotation. Bi-directional tip & tail rocker profiles allow you to ski creatively over any terrain, making the mountain your playground.
  • Shop Review for Playmaker 91 Skis Package

    Ben and I agree that the 91 is a bit stiffer and more responsive than the 101. It has a less loose feel due to being 10mm narrower. Despite this, the 91 is still highly maneuverable and playful, making it a great ski for side hits, rollers, park jumps, and mogul gaps. On groomers, you can make nice clean round turns, but initiating from the tip can cause the ski to fold. The 91 has a more eager personality than the 101, as it is more responsive and precise, and creates a more rhythmic skiing experience.


      For over 75 years, Elan has been crafting skis in the Slovenian Alps to create some of the finest products in the world that provide an incomparable skiing experience. Elan are designed to help you make the most of your time on the slopes - be it a sunny morning of groomer laps, a stormy day of freshies, or an unforgettable face shot with your friends and family. As far as we're concerned, skiing, friends, and family are Always Good Times.

Additional Information

Warden 11

Ski Size cm

164, 172, 180