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Elan Insomnia S Ls Skis

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Color: ELW 9


Ski Size cm: 166

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Elan Insomnia S Ls Skis

The Elan Insomnia S is a ski that puts comfort and confidence first. The Insomnia S is 76mm under foot and provides very smooth handling. The Insomnia S turns easily and offers loads of stability at the same time. The wider waist of the Insomnia S helps you if the circumstances become more challenging and guides you through pistes with a lot of fresh snow or thick wet snow with little effort.

Whatever circumstances you may encounter on the way, the Elan Insomnia S is a real cruiser to make wonderful trips through the whole resort!


    For over 75 years, Elan has been crafting skis in the Slovenian Alps to create some of the finest products in the world that provide an incomparable skiing experience. Elan are designed to help you make the most of your time on the slopes - be it a sunny morning of groomer laps, a stormy day of freshies, or an unforgettable face shot with your friends and family. As far as we're concerned, skiing, friends, and family are Always Good Times.

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Ski Size cm

144, 150, 158, 166