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Crab Grab The Logo Traction Pad

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Color: Black

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Crab Grab The Logo Traction Pad

The Grippiest logo on Earth is what Crab Grab aptly calls this remarkable creation. And truth be told, they might just be spot on. Crafted from a plush and pliable material known as Dual C-foam, the logo traction sticker seamlessly molds to the grooves of your boot, guaranteeing an unrivaled level of grip when it truly counts. Adding to this already impressive feature, Crab Grab has embellished the logo with textured Gripples, taking the grip factor to even greater heights. With a sea of stomp pads flooding the market, this innovative piece sets itself apart, demanding your attention and deserving your investment.

Features for the The Logo Traction Pad

  • Features: ROUND! - No sharp, dangerous corners.
  • DUAL C-FOAM™ - Double the foam for double the fun.
  • SCREW GLUE™ - Glued on. Like it was screwed on.
  • GRIPPLES™ - Our signature texture: tiny little gripping nipples for maximum grippy-ness.
  • Crab Grab

      Crab Grab is dedicated to creating top-quality traction products and enchanting mittens. They have a passion for running this company and thrive in the unique Crab Grab movement. The team genuinely loves their work and enjoys every minute of it.