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Crab Grab Mini Hearts Traction Pads

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Crab Grab Mini Hearts Traction Pads

The Crab Grab's Mini Hearts Traction Pad. It's made from C-Foam, which is light, tough, and will mold to the contours of your boot for a sure grip when you need it most. Peel and stick the mini hearts in any pattern you want it. Whether you are setting up for some one footers or maybe you want to ride away clean off the chairlift.

Features for the Mini Hearts Traction Pads

  • Features: Squishy C-Foam is durable and maximizes grip
  • Screw Glue bonds tightly to board for secure feel
  • : Gripping nodules provide traction and grip
  • : 4 Mini stomp pads for getting off the lift
  • Crab Grab

      Crab Grab is dedicated to creating top-quality traction products and enchanting mittens. They have a passion for running this company and thrive in the unique Crab Grab movement. The team genuinely loves their work and enjoys every minute of it.

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