Skiboot Fitting and Moulding

Ski Boot Fitting and Molding


bootsmithlogo.jpgWilli's has decades of Boot Fitting Experience. We specialize in fitting our customers in a thorough and patient manner. Ski and Snowboard Boots are the most critical component of your setup, and it's worth spending extra time and energy to get the right boot with the right fit. Your boots are your only way of translating your body's intentions to your skis or snowboard, so a precise fit is essential for control and performance. By the same token, ski boot shells are made of hard plastic, and snowboard boots are of stiff leather or artificial materials – so conflicts between the shape of your feet and the shape of your boots can cause fit problems. The goal in boot fitting is to find a size and shape that you'll be comfortable in without compromising performance. We do a careful analysis of your feet to determine what is an appropriate boot selection for you.Willi's Boot customization 

 As a professional ski shop, boot fitting is paramount to our ability to keep you on the hill having a great time. We strive to ensure that any boot you purchase from Willi's is properly fit to maximize your comfort and abilities. From custom insoles to custom shell and liner work, Willi's offers a variety of fit solutions for any foot shape!



We believe that fit is critical, whether it be snowboard or ski boots. For that reason, we have a boot fitting process that we always follow to ensure that each customer gets the time and attention they deserve.
Ski/Snowboard boots fit differently than sneakers, sandals, etc., so we always start by measuring your feet.
The next step is for us to check the actual boot shell against your foot. Most boots fall into size ranges, so while they might be labeled as the same size, they can fit entirely differently. Once we determine your size, a boot fitter will check the shell to ensure it will be the proper size for you.
Once we have determined a proper shell size, we will move on to trying on the boots.

Willi's Ski boot press

After being secured into the boot and letting your feet settle, we will work with you to decide what feels the best on your feet while still meeting all of our fit criteria.
We will help you choose the best boot for your needs and get you out on the hill with the peace of mind that we GUARANTEE the fit of every boot we sell. If something feels wrong, you can always stop in to see us at any of our locations to have the problem worked on.



Willi's Vacuform system

Personalized Bootfitting, developed by Willi's, this vacuum fitting system gives you a chance to mold ski boots to YOUR foot. A must for anyone looking for the best possible boot fit available. For a limited time, enjoy a free VacuForm session with one of our BootSmiths when you purchase new ski boots! Custom Vacuum Form Shell Molding is brand new. It is taking over what a proper custom ski boot fit is. We now offer a machine that 100% reshapes your hard, plastic Polyurethane ski boot shell to mold around your specific foot shape and natural stance alignment. This process can be performed on any ski boot, new or used! Our Custom VacuForm system is designed to heat mold your liner and the entire outer shell of your ski boot to conform around your lower leg, ankle, and exact foot shape. After the ski boot shell and liners are heated, (2) large vacuum-sealed bags are placed over the heated boot, and the air is vacuumed-sealed out, which conforms to the softer, pliable shell around your foot structure. Whether wider or narrow, the vacuum fit customizes the entire boot for an exceptional fit.


Custom Footbeds at Willi's Ski and Boards

 Footbeds function as a base or foundation that connects your foot to the ski boot. Willi's fitting philosophy is based on a person's natural dynamic foot and ankle movement. The footbeds we sell allow the foot to flex and rebound into its natural position. This support reduces foot fatigue and keeps your feet in a consistent position, allowing us to shape the ski boot to the shape of the skier's foot for a true custom, performance fit. Ensuring each skier is in a thin sock (Light, Ultralight, or Compression) means Willi's boot fitter is taking a critical step toward ensuring the ideal functioning environment for the skier's foot, ankle, and leg in the boot. Socks with thicker padding, like "Hunting socks" or socks that fit improperly, can bunch and cause pain points that can be easily avoided.

custom footbeds