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Smith Squad Mag Chromopop Lens Goggles

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Frame: Black


Lens Color: EvdyGrn

Sun Blk
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Smith Squad Mag Chromopop Lens Goggles

Smiths Classic Squad goggles just got a new look! Smith Squad goggles have been given a new look and are now better than ever! With the best-in-class interchangeable system, the Smith Squad MAG Goggles are better than ever! Once you push the lever, the cylindrical lens in your Smith squad goggles snaps back together, allowing you to quickly swap lenses with your squad. That way, you can always roll with your squad!

Style: M007560JX99SP | M007560JZ994

Features for the Squad Mag ChromoPop Lens Goggles

  • Lens: Cylindrical Carbonic-X Lens: ChromaPop™ Lens Technology – Through Smith's proprietary ChromaPop™ lens technology, we help you see detail and color beyond normal capabilities. ChromaPop™ filters two specific wavelengths of light that cause color confusion. By doing this the lens delivers greater definition, more natural color, and unmatched clarity to allow you to see more detail.
  • TLT (Tapered Lens Technology) – Visual distortion occurs when light waves hit an aggressively-curved lens causing it to bend or distort an object's true size or position. Tapered Lens Technology corrects the distortion by progressively tapering the lens from the optical center towards the outer edges. Light waves are thereby delivered straight to your eye resulting in zero distortion and true optical clarity. What you see is what you get. Carbonic lenses are engineered to be the most impact resistant lens material in the world. Injection molded with Tapered Lens Technology for optical precision and a high level of protection.
  • 5X™ Anti-Fog Inner Lens – The most advanced anti-fog lens ever created, engineered to provide over five times the absorptive properties of anything on the market.
  • Includes Bright and Low Light Interchangable Lenses – See the goggle lens color/tint guide below for help choosing your lens!
  • Lens Connection: Smith MAG™ Interchangeable Lens Change System – Dual locking mechanisms and 8 magnetic contact points enable speedy and secure lens changing to get your optics swapped and you back out on the hill faster. A simple push of a lever on either side of the lens releases it for swapping as the light and conditions change.
  • Strap: Ultra-Wide Silicone Backed Strap
  • QuickFit Strap Adjustment System with Clip Buckle
  • Foam: 3-Layer DriWix Face Foam

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Black, Blackout

Lens Color

EvdyGrn, PhtoChr, Sun Blk