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Atomic Shift 13 Mn Bindings 2024

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Color: Black Gold

Black Gold

Ski Brake Width: 100mm

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Atomic Shift 13 Mn Bindings 2024

In the realm of backcountry touring, the options used to be limited to lightweight tech bindings or reliable DIN-rated frame bindings. However, Atomic has introduced the game-changing Shift 13 MNC Alpine Touring Binding, allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

To use the Shift, you start by switching the toe and heel pieces into tech mode to engage the toe's pins and activate the heel's walk mode. In this walk mode, the Shift offers the same walking stride and touring efficiency as any tech binding, complete with a heel riser to assist on steeper sections of the skin track.

Without a frame, the Shift weighs a mere three pounds, making it lighter than traditional alpine touring bindings and hybrid bindings with DIN heels and tech toes, although not as light as ultralight tech bindings.

Once you reach the top of the skin track, you can easily switch the toe and heel pieces back to regular alpine binding mode, allowing you to clip back into the binding as if it were a standard alpine binding.

Please note that boots with tech fittings are required for use in tour mode.

Overall, the Shift is a versatile ski binding designed for both backcountry and resort riding, boasting a 13 DIN rating that makes it the stiffest MNC (Multi-Norm Certified) ski binding offered by Salomon. Thanks to its carbon-infused construction, the Shift keeps its weight to a minimum, ensuring your performance isn't compromised. Plus, the dual heel risers provide extra assistance on steep skin tracks.

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    Atomic is dedicated to creating ski products that are both fun and functional so that you can enjoy the best ski experience of your life! Atomic builds durable, performance-oriented gear that helps you accomplish any adventure that you may have.

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Black Gold

Ski Brake Width

90mm, 100mm, 110mm