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Arbor Draft Camber Snowboard

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Arbor Draft Camber Snowboard

The Arbor Draft Camber Snowboard is the perfect choice for park hits and freestyle fun. It boasts a soft flex pattern that provides responsive landings, and its classic camber profile, combined with Grip Tech technology, gives you the edge you need to dig into carves and send it big. Plus, its topsheet features an eye-catching airbrushed design created by artist Samborghini, adding a bright and vibrant look to the snowboard's already eco-friendly design. Enjoy the pops, tweaks, and turns of the park with the Arbor Draft Camber Snowboard.

Style: 12402

Features for the Draft Camber Snowboard

  • Profile/Shape: System Camber – If you want a snowboard with a highly responsive ride, crisp on-edge performance, and more pop for carving and ollies, then System Camber shapes are the perfect choice. The camber gradually reduces towards the tip and tail, making the leading edge less aggressive for better impact absorption and improved on-snow performance.
  • Grip-Tech – This tri-radial sidecut design is not blended, and instead features natural shaping intersections that have been transformed into heel and toe contact points. This provides an ergonomic way to grip the snow for extra control when needed, giving you the confidence you need to progress your riding.
  • Core/Flex: The Highland Core from Arbor is one of the most versatile cores available. Constructed with a 1:2 blend of poplar and paulownia, this core offers a lightweight performance, durability, and return that is unparalleled. This core is perfect for any rider looking for an all-around board with optimal performance.
  • Base/Sidewall: 360° Fully Wrapped Sidewalls – This technology eliminates the need for tip fill and ensures that the whole snowboard is tied together securely for improved performance. It provides incredibly tight tolerances for improved board life and durability. Sintered Base – A sintered base made from higher molecular weight material offers increased durability and speed.
  • Additional Info: Recycled Steel Edges – Arbor's recycled steel edges are highly durable and embody the company's key values of quality and sustainability. Using recycled steel is also a great way to reduce the environmental impact of steel production.
  • Bio-Plastic Topsheet – Arbor has made a commitment to eliminate harmful petroleum based plastics from their production cycle. To help meet this goal, they use a bio-plastic topsheet made from Castor Bean Oil. This eco-friendly topsheet is extremely durable and water repellent, making it a great alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics.

    Warranty: Arbor stands behind the quality and construction of every snowboard with an extended 3-year warranty


      Arbor Snowboards is a renowned brand in the snowboarding industry, renowned for its commitment to developing high-quality snowboards and an eco-friendly approach to manufacturing. The company uses sustainable materials such as bamboo and sustainable wood cores and utilizes non-toxic finishes and water-based inks in their production process. Arbor Snowboards also works to reduce their environmental impact by using recycled packaging and shipping materials. Furthermore, Arbor Snowboards is actively involved in numerous initiatives that promote environmental sustainability and supports charities and organizations that work to preserve and protect the environment.

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