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Marker Griffon 13 Ski Bindings

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Color: Black


Ski Brake Width: 90mm

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Marker Griffon 13 Ski Bindings

The Marker Griffon 13 ID is an excellent option for any advanced intermediate to an expert-level all-mountain skier. Marker continues to impress in the binding class with the highly compatible Griffon 13 ID. The Griffon is compatible with alpine soles and Grip Walk soles, thanks to Marker's ID Sole technology. The moveable AFD (Anti Friction Device) located in the toe piece allows for a smooth boot release without dirt, snow, and ice affecting the release. The Triple Pivot Elite Toe has a horizontal spring in the toe piece, which can deal with high energy absorption, avoiding early departure from the binding. The Inter Pivot Heel almost mimics the toe piece with a spring located in the heel, which provides for further energy absorption, avoiding early release and making the Griffon an excellent option for people who love to rip.

Features for the Griffon 13 ski bindings

  • DIN Range: 4-13
  • Sole Compatability: Alpine DIN (ISO 5355), Alpine Touring (ISO 9523), Walk to Ride (WTR), GripWalk (ISO 23223)
  • Toe Features: Gliding AFD. Wide horizontal mounted spring allowing for great power tranmission on wider skis
  • Heel Features: Vertical heel with improved step-in performance. The magnesium heel bracket allows for excellent power transmission and energy absorption.
  • Additional Features: Metal boot scraper on the top of the toe. Use this to clean the bottom of your boots off before stepping in….seriously awesome.
Additional Information

Black, Anth-Blk-Red

Ski Brake Width

90mm, 100mm, 110mm